Enrolment and Refund Policy


A £1000 registration Fee (non refundable) will apply at the time of registration 
Fee Instalments are available by agreement with management and relevent partner bodies (maximum 3 instalments).
Candidates must deposit at least one instalment of the tuition fee in full to secure a place.
If a student requests cancellation of admission the College will refund 70% of fees paid (if no letter has been issued to the student for visa purposes ).  If the request is made 10% or course attendance after of course commencement, there will be no refund.  If student registered in short course it same method applied if course is less then 6 days it would be cosidered two hours of start time of the course. There is no refund available for an overseas student who has been granted a visa on LIMT confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS).
All students must attend full-time organised study of at least 15 hours per week, or respective attendances crteria set out for each courses. 
If for any reason a student’s course is cancelled by the college, the student will be offered an appropriate alternative course or a refund in fees.
If a student requires any letter (council, home office, acceptance etc.), the student must allow LIMT 14 working days to respond, after the request has been made.
If a student changes their course during the study period in which he/she is enrolled, in any circumstance, no refund will be allowed.
It is the responsibility of overseas students to comply with UK immigration rules.
LIMT reserves the right to cancel any admission. In any case of suspension or dismissal of any student no refund will be given.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that examination entries are in order and sent to examination bodies by the appropriate closing date.
We are required by relevent bodies to record your attendance and supply any and all details when requested by the bodies. LIMT follows the guidelines for attendance; these require that mimium attedance before allow to sit in exam
Students will not be allowed to sit an examination if the fee is not paid in full.
For any refund, an administrative charge will apply.
LIMT reserves the right to refuse/ cancel the admission of any student.with out disclosing the reason
LIMT reserves the right to make any change in the policy without any notice.
Incase of any unforeseen problem, where LIMT is not abble to completed the course will offer alternate course from other awarding bodies or proposinate refund.

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