Esol Skill for life

  • Start date
    05-11-2021 10:00
  • End date
    05-12-2021 16:00
  • Course length
    8x Lesson
  • Class duration
    180 Minutes

ESOL ( English) Skills for Life are for

learners who need to develop their English skills for use in everyday life and/or
work. The government and employers have called for an increase in the level of
basic literacy skills for use in everyday life, education, and employment and these
qualifications have been developed to meet this need.

The qualifications give learners the opportunity to:

  •   develop their English language knowledge and skill
  • achieve a nationally recognised qualification
  • develop personal growth and engagement in learning
  • develop English skills for personal and employmentrelated applications.

Progression opportunities through Pearson qualifications

Learners who have achieved a Pearson Edexcel Award or Certificate in ESOL Skills
for Life qualification can progress to the next level of Pearson Edexcel Award or
Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life qualification as required to meet their learning and
achievement needs; progress to Functional Skills English units or, for 1619year
old learners, they may progress to GCSE English or other English qualifications.
Learners can use their learning and achievement to support their employment aims
and progression in their chosen career

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    ESOL ( skill for life) / ESOL 5 hour a week
  • Location
    Govan Glasgow, 926 Govan Road Govan, G51 3AF, Glasgow, United Kingdom
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    ESOL entry level 3 ( B2) level course , 5 hours a week speaking listening , reading, and writing activities.
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    [email protected]

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  • Every Friday
    10:00 - 15:00
  • Every Saturday
    10:00 - 15:00

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